What is going on here?

Dear Fuck Slug fans

Let me be the first to welcome you to the another new shithole of the internet! Fuck Slug is traditionally only ever been involved in artisnal moving image, conveyed with light and sound. However, we are now branching out into other shit, as you've probably seen. This is will be in the form of written word (like you are experiencing right now), 'podcast' (basically flapping mouths at a recording device in an attempt to be funny) and comics (???).

We've made this decision primarily to keep Jacob and Jez occupied, as they do not possess the craftsmanship and patience required keep up with me and the production value bar I've set here at Fuck Slug. They will more or less be creating content that is one step removed from low effort 'Let's play' format YouTube videos, but we felt it was important to balance our currently 'quality over quantity' mantra, with 'quantity over quality'.

This new content strategy should allow us to exist in a quantum superposition of being both extremely high quality, and extremely high volume.

Lots of love,


September 19, 2018