Fucking Annoying Questions


If you have a burning question, tweet us or email us at fuckoff@fucksl.ug


What is Fuck Slug?

We are a small animation company producing weird and wonderful videos for the internet. We refuse to be bent to the will of the Youtube algorithm and its advertisers. You can support us  with our SWEET MERCH BUY BUY BUY $$$$$$$


Who runs Fuck Slug?

The owners of Fuck Slug are [REDACTED] AND [REDACTED] who met at [REDACTED] in [REDACTED] when one of them sucked [REDACTED] and shit went crazy.


How long does it take to do an animation?

So fucking long, you try writing something then drawing it a 1/25th of a second at a time. Actually, don’t do that, you might be better than us. Fuck off, go back to your coffee shop job.


How can we contact you?

You can either:
A) Whisper “Fuck Slug” three times into the night wind and we shall appear
B) Follow us on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram or email us
C) Follow our blog (that’s not really contacting us but follow the blog because that shit is bananas)


Where do chairs go?

The obvious answer would be “under the table,”. However, the real question we need to be asking ourselves is “why do chairs go?” and this is answered in detail in the book “The Chair Pilgrimage: who/what/why chairs?” published in 1978 by German philosopher Hermon Von Ask-Better-Fucking-Question-You-Tit.


Would you rather bee, or a wasp?

Neither of them sting more than your father leaving to buy a pack of cigarettes and never coming home. Where are you Daddy Slug? I miss you.


How long can the sleeves on a t-shirt be before it’s a long sleeve t-shirt?

T-shirts must be 6 inches or shorter otherwise you’re super racist and you love Hitler. Can fish feel love? No, but they can get fucked reeaaaaal good.


Where does the butt start?

Are we talking the front one or the back one? Why isn’t, cheese? Because cheese was a well known celebrity in the 1970s who has since been discovered to be a vicious paedophile and is serving three life sentences in jail.


Your animations are disgusting and offensive, are you mentally ill?



Is this the end of the FAQ?


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